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General Automation

Siemens offers a wide comprehensive portfolio of products which are applied in the Industrial Automation market, Automation and Control Systems, Automation Technology, Energy, Building Technologies and Healthcare. Siemens offers products such as: Contactors, PLC's, HMI;s, Encoders, Motors, Servomotors, Displays, Simatic and many more.

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PLC Systems & Softwares

Siemens offers a wide range of Programmable Logic Controllers including: Simatic Controllers, I/O Systems, Profibus standard components, RS-485 Coupler, Configuration control, Multi processor control System SIMATIC and application modules.

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Motors & Servomotors

Siemens is a worldwide leading manufacturer of a wide range of different types of motors and servomotors including: Low-voltage motors, High Voltage AC-motors, DC motors, Simotics Explosion Proof motors, Non-standard motors, IEC motors, NEMA motors, Asynchronous motors, Synchronous motors and Squirrel-cage motors.

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HMIs & Displays

Siemens offers a wide range of HMI's (Human Machine Interface) products including: Operator Devices, Panel PC's, HMI softwares, Simatic HMI, Comfort panels, Operator panels, Mobile panels, Industrial monitors and Simatic HMI's.

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Drives & Inverters

Siemens offers integrated drives including: Converters, Micromaster, Simovert masterdrives and rotary drives which are used in the Industrial Automation market.

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Safety Automation

Siemens offers different safety products which are used in Factory Automation including: Safety switchs, Safety integrated products, software controllers, basic safety controllers and safety modules.

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