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Pymatek Automation Industrial Automation Supplier

It is specialized in the distribution of products such as: Programmable logic controllers (PLC's), Drives, HMI 's, motors, servomotors, encoders, industrial cables, Numerical Control, Temperature Control and many more.

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PLC Systems & Softwares PLC Systems & Softwares

PLC Systems & Softwares

A Programmable logic controller (PLC) is a digital computer used many machines and different industries such as: Control of machinery on factory assembly lines, industrial electromechanical processes, or data transfer to move data from one point to another, it can also include the procedure required to move data either to or from an analog I/O module.

General Automation General Automation

General Automation

General Automation is the set of products, components or use of computerized control systems and electromechanical machines or industrial processes.Those products which are involved in such areas are: Sensors, Proximity sensors, Circuit breaker, Transmitters , Relays, Control systems, Fuses,Input-Output Modules, Valves, Contactors, Switches and many other items that let you control the operations of plants or industrial projects.

Motors & Servomotors Motors & Servomotors

Motors & Servomotors

Motor is a machine that supplies motive power for a vehicle or por another device with moving parts. A servomotor is a rotary item that allows for precise control of angular position, speed and acceleration. Servomotors are used in different applications such as: Robotics or automated machinery.


Encoders Encoders


An encoder is a sensing device that provides a response, converting motion into an electrical signal. This signal can then be read by some type of control device in a motion control system, such as a counter or PLC.

HMIs & Displays HMIs & Displays

HMIs & Displays

Hazardous Materials Identification System is a numerical hazard that incorporates the use of labels with different colors which are used to convey broader health warning information. A display is an electronic device for the visual presentation of data or images.



Drives & Inverters Drives & Inverters

Drives & Inverters


A computer program which controls a particular device connected to a computer.


An inverter is a device which changes a direct current input voltage to a symmetrical output voltage (sinusoidal, square or triangular) of alternating current, with a specified magnitude and frequency.

Safety Automation Safety Automation

Safety Automation

Safety Automation is used to protect human, plant, and environment in case the process goes beyond the control margins. Safety Automation components are used in food industry, healthcare, home and Human areas. As the name suggests, these systems are not intended for controlling the process itself but rather protection. 

CNC Systems CNC Systems

CNC Systems

A CNC or computer numerical control system allows the control of the position of an element mounted inside a machine tool by means of specialist software. Operating in all 3 spacial axis (i.e. X, Y & Z), the element can be drilled, cut, threaded, milled, or roughed automatically.

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    "Ha sido una experiencia muy buena trabajar con Pymatek, honestidad y rápida solución a cualquier problema que se presente, muy recomendable" 


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    "Eficaz, rápida atención y servicio de atención al cliente A1 es lo que describe a Pymatek Automation, recomiendo a esta empresa 100%".


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    "PYMATEK as a trading partner has been very effective, they have offered an excellent service with prompt response to requests for our enquiries, prices very competitive in the European and American market, faithful compliance with delivery times, accuracy of goods,Technical Support and a High Level Concept customer Support. The best word for Pymatek is EFFICIENCY".


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    "I had a good experience to work one to one with Pymatek, the sales team is very helpful and keep you informed about the progress in your orders, so I would recommend this company".